Tunnelling standards shake up

The British Tunnelling Society (BTS) is updating its tunnelling specification to take into account fresh “technical challenges” for the industry.  

The Model Specification for Tunnelling was first produced by the BTS with the ICE in 1997 to establish an industry standard for tunnelling. 

The guidelines are based on the experience of individual and corporate BTS members. The society is seeking comment from the industry at large on each of the five sections of the draft fourth-edition of the specification. 

The sections include: general requirements, materials, methods, ground stabilisation processes, and working environment. 

The BTS said that recent developments and increased use of sprayed concrete are behind the need for an update. New chapters covering sprayed applied waterproof membranes and jacked box tunnelling will also be added.

”We have decided it is time to update the British Tunnelling Society Specification for Tunnellingto incorporate technical changes that have occurred since the third edition was published by the BTS and ICE in 2010,” the blog states.

The BTS specifications have become the standard specification referred to in the majority of tunnelling contracts in the UK and in many worldwide. 

Each section has been updated to reflect current best practice as well as up to date Eurocodes.  

Source: newcivilengineer.com/

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