ITA Tunnelling Awards 2018 Finalists Announced

Here we are: the finalists for the 4th annual ITA Tunnelling Awards have been announced. The 17-strong expert-judging panel, chaired by the ITA President Tarcisio Celestino, has narrowed down the competition to 34 entries who will now participate in the second evaluation stage to determine the winners in November in China.

Those in the running for the coveted awards are:

“Major Project of the Year” (over €500M)

– The West Qinling Tunnel on Lanzhou-Chongqing Railway (China)

– Liantang / Heung Yuen Wai Boundary Control Point Site Formation and Infrastructure Works (Hong Kong, China)

– The Immersed Tunnel of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Link (China)

– China’s Mega Water Project: Jilin Yinsong Water Supply (China)

“Project of the Year” (between €50M and €500M)

– The Queershan Tunnel on National Road 317 (China)

– Gongbei tunnel of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge (China)

– Foshan Dongping Tunnel (China)

– Vamma 12 Hydropower Project (Norway)

“Project of the Year incl. Renovation” (up to €50M)

– Zarbalizadeh Shallow Tunnel Construction underneath the Operating Railways (Iran)

– Kaikoura Earthquake Recovery Main North Line Tunnels (New Zealand)

– Trenchless tunnel construction of Bukit Panjang MRT entrance and underpass (Singapore)

– Maroggia Railway Tunnel (Switzerland)

Technical Project Innovation of the year

– TBM Entry Works Under Sea Level Near Istanbul Bosphorus (Turkey)

– A Mechanized Method with Large Section Horseshoe Shape EPB-TBM First Applied in Loess Mountain Tunnel (China)

– Velstertunnel Project; Integrated BIM for failure free retrofitting of a motorway tunnel: innovation creates a fixed link between contractor and stakeholders (Netherlands)

Technical Product/Equipment Innovation of the Year 

– FlatMesh Wireless System (UK)

– Multifunctional Energy-Storage and Luminescent Material for Sustainable and Energy-saving Lighting for Tunnels (China)

– Innovative Backfill Grout for dilative Soils (Germany)

– An Innovative Hard-rock TBM-mounted System for Geological Forward-prospecting (China)

Innovative Underground Space Concept of the year

– Underground pedestrian passage under Heiniucheng Road in the New Badali area (new eight upscale communities) in Tianjin (China)

– Norwegian Rock Blasting Museum (Norway)

– Ecological civilization construction and intensive land use of metro project (China)

Safety Initiative of the Year

– MineARC’s Aura-FX Digital Gas Monitoring Technology (Australia)

– Site formation and infrastructure works for development of Anderson Road Quarry (Hong-Kong, China)

– ROBY 850 – Semi-Automatic Drilling Robot (Hong Kong-China)

– Excavation of a tunnel with traditional methods, through rocks containing natural asbestos, safeguarding the health and safety of workers and preserving the external environment (Italy)

Young Tunneller of the Year

– He YingDao (China)

– Jack Muir (New Zealand)

– Senthilnath G T (India)

– Giuseppe M. Gaspari (Italy)

– Fredrikke S G Syversen (Norway)

– Mandy Ang (Malaysia)

– Morteza Javadi (Iran)

The awards will take place on November 7th, in Chuzhou, China in the form of a special one-day event dedicated to the presentation of the finalist’s projects followed by a banquet and the award ceremony. The Awards day will follow the CTUC Conference that runs from 5thNovember.


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