The conferences of the international congress of the French association AFTES are ending today.

How have these three days been? What subjects have been addressed and how?

Let’s briefly ask these questions to our team on site.

It has been, as always, an important moment for all the professionals and companies to meet possible competitors or partners and for all the commercials to develop their strategic network.

The French language is still predominant in lots of presentation by making the congress itself more French than international. Embarrassing sketches between the speakers and the audience, especially during the question time, gave us some real unforgivable moments of people literally “lost in translation”.

The “typical” session about the SFRC for the segmental lining gave us a panorama of the rules and codes currently used and applied and some real case issued by the experience. We have to put on evidence the presentation “Study of the effect of the TBM thrust on steel fibre reinforced concrete segmental Tunnel lining” (Gauguelin Gabriel, Bouygues).

Huge project, probably the biggest in the Europe, the “Grand Paris Express” has shown itself to the world but, since the working phase has just started, we suggest to follow its evolutions in the next years in order to have more informations.

Other huge project, the new Lyon-Turin railway network presented the evolutions of the studies. However, despite the importance of the project, the presentations were not so interesting.

Finally, this afternoon the presentation about the “Ceneri base tunnel” is supposed to explain how the risks of this long and deep tunnel have been addressed.


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