Doha Metro: 89% of tunnelling completed and new train designs

Doha-Metro53-666x399_thumbThe Doha Metro project crossed 112 million man hours of completed work in the first week of April, with 89% of tunnelling finished, according to an announcement by Qatar Rail.
The official railway agency of Qatar also said that 35% of the construction work has been completed on the Lusail Light Rail Transit tram project.

Plans for the Doha Metro include 111km of tunnels, of which 99km has already been completed, Qatar Rail said. More than 32,000 workers are currently deployed on the project, the agency added.
The Doha Metro will form the backbone of an integrated public transport system for the Qatari capital, supported by the Lusail tram, a city-wide bus network and dedicated feeder bus services to increase the public transport catchment area.

The agency has announced a completion date of 2019/20 for the first phase of the Doha Metro, while completion of the Lusail project is set for 2020.

Qatar Railways has given the public its first glimpse of the trains that will be servicing the Doha Metro when it opens in 2020, which it says will be the fastest in the region.

doha-metro (1)

The new Doha Metro train designs

The company showcased one vehicle, whose design was inspired by the Arabian mare, that will be servicing the Doha Metro and the tram that will serve the route of the Lusail Tram, which is inspired by Qatar’s pearl-diving heritage.

The metro trains, which will travel at 100km/h have been designed and built by Japanese firm Kinki Sharyo. In total, Qatar has ordered 75 driverless trains for the Doha Metro, each of which will have three cars.

The Lusail Tram cars are being delivered by a consortium consisting of Alstom and QVDC. Twenty-eight trams are being built.



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