Grand Paris Express to boost French GDP by €100bn

Simplified map of the Grand Paris Express

Simplified map of the Grand Paris Express

The planned Grand Paris Express regional transport network, the key element of the Grand Paris renewal project, will boost French GDP by 15% or €100bn, says Philippe Yvin, CEO of the Société du Grand Paris, in charge of building the network.
“The network will facilitate exchanges and wealth creation, generating at least €100bn of additional wealth, an increase of 15% from current annual GDP,” Yvin wrote in Les Echos newspaper. The 200km driverless metro system will link the key suburbs and airports in the Paris region and involves the creation of four new metro lines and the extension of two existing lines and will comprise 72 stations, most of them completely new. Yvin said the network will contribute to a six-fold increase in the amount of automated metro track in the region over the next 10 years and will ultimately carry 2m passengers a day.
The first section of the network should be completed by 2022, with the whole network due to be open from 2030. Yvin said preparatory work is progressing on Line 15 in the south of the region and tunnelling for the northern extension of the existing Line 14 started a few days ago. Around €3bn of civil engineering contracts will be awarded from late 2016, giving an additional boost to economic growth in the region, he said.
There will be an opportunity to redevelop 140 of land around the new stations, and the network will lead to the creation of at least 100,000 extra jobs, a better distribution of wealth and an improvement in the quality of life for Ile-de-France residents, said Yvin.



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