WTC2015: Lights and Shadows

The hotel entrance Lacroma, the conference venue of WTC2015

The hotel entrance Lacroma, the conference venue of WTC2015

Dubrovnik and SEE Tunnelling

In the splendid setting of Dubrovnik, Croatian city on the Adriatic Sea in the region of Dalmatia, the World Tunnel Congress 2015 has taken place between 22th and 28th of May.

The congress site was chosen symbolically to focus attention on the tunnelling development in the South East Europe as well explained by Mr. Davorin Kolić, President of the Croatian Association for Tunnels and Underground Structures ITA Croatia, in his foreword to the congress proceedings.

Even this year, such international meeting, organized by the Croatian Association for Tunnels and Underground Structures – ITA Croatia and the ITA-AITES, has had a large membership and attendance of professionals and experts from all over the world.

ITAWTC2015 - Bandiere

The entrance of the conference venue of WTC2015

Quantity and low quality

As already mentioned, the location was absolutely worthy of an event so important between bays and coves, lush nature, history and reflections of the sea where the conference rooms faced directly.

The topics of the presentations were alternated, sometimes repeated, in a confusing succession of speakers and chairmen due to absences and schedules not always respected. One of the main topics at the center of a particularly heated debate was related to fiber concrete, open discussion in these days and in the middle of strong controversy.

In general we can say that the quality has been sacrificed for a larger amount: amount of papers, presentations, adhesions. Moreover, the many parallel sessions also have contributed to make the presentation program very dispersive, even accentuated by their location spread in different places.


The heated challenge to the choice of venue for the conference of 2018 was the focus of the days – perhaps it would be appropriate to say the evenings – of the congress, with India and Dubai dueling with sponsors, dinners and promises. In the gala dinner held last night of the conference it was finally unveiled the venue for the 2018: Dubai will be hosting the event.

We thought we witness the awarding of the Olympic Games, and instead it was the WTC2018: sign of the times that show how important it has become such a conference, event probably becoming more worldly and political rather than scientific.

T&U Staff


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